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Materials related to the exhibit

You can download materials related to applying to exhibit at JAPAN PACK 2023.

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Invitation to Participate in JAPAN PACK 2023

Exhibition logo / poster / banner data

We are distributing data for exhibition logos, key visual posters, and banners that can be used in printed materials and on the Web.
Please feel free to download and use this data.

Exhibition logo (png / ZIP compression)

Poster data(png)

Banner data (png)

We have prepared banners in various sizes. Click the image to save it.

120px × 90px Pattern

120px × 90 パターン

234px × 60px Pattern

120px × 90 パターン

300px × 100px Pattern

300px × 100px パターン

438px × 60px Pattern

438px × 60px パターン

Notes on the use of exhibition logos, posters, and banner data

  • Exhibition logos, posters and banner data can only be used for the purpose of introducing this exhibition and exhibitor announcements.
  • Please use the exhibition logos, posters, and banner data distributed on this page. Processing or modification is prohibited.
  • No permission is required to link to our site. There is no problem if you have direct links to any page. However, please make note of the following points.
    • Please specify that the link is to this site.
    • Please do not link to the contents themselves (image files, etc.) within the page.
    • URLs may be changed or deleted without notice.
    • We prohibit links from site that our office deems problematic.
  • If you have any other questions, please contact our office.