The latest equipment and technologies for packaging and related industries, which are indispensable to our lives, are exhibited in our event. They will solve a wide variety of issues from manufacturing to distribution, consumption, and disposal of all kinds of daily necessities.


To the manufacturing industries such as food and beverage,
pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, daily necessities, and industrial products

Provide solutions for issues regarding (such as) …
labor shortages, manufacturing costs, food loss, improving safety, security, hygiene, proper use of plastics, energy, resource saving, promotion of DX, etc. Create the value of your products


To the retail distribution industry, such as supermarkets, convenience stores, drugstores, and e-commerce websites

Provide solutions for issues such as labor shortages, distribution costs, products safety and security, managing sales.
Suggest packaging forms that stimulate purchasing willingness and harmonize our lives. Create the value to promote sales


To all of you

■ To realize sustainable society
Provide solutions for issues such as easy-to-handle packaging, an aging society, the diversification of households, and anti-hunger measures.
■ Life cycle of packaging aware of environmental issues
Promote the proper use of plastics, promote [3R +], recycling-oriented economics, ethical consumption, etc. Declare the value of SDGs × packaging

※3R+・・・In addition to Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, we will promote solutions to global environmental issues from the viewpoint of “Replace” and “Renewable” .