Attracting Visitors to the Event

The organizer will promote activities by utilizing various tools to attract users of manufacturing-related technologies including

industries of food, beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical-cosmetics, also distribution industry, trading companies, packaging material industry, printing industry, and visitors from various other types of industries.

Direct Approach to User (Direct Mail, Mail Magazine, WEB Promotion)

Using the organizer's database, we will conduct wide-ranging announcements to the user industry, relevant government agencies, and public organizations in order to focus on approaching potential customers.

  • Those who have visited JAPAN PACK before.
  • Those who have participated in seminars, or other projects conducted by the host before.
  • Representatives/top management of user company
  • Factory head/manufacturing department head of user company
  • Packaging planning department head of user company
  • Personnel responsible for SDGs of user company
  • Researcher engaging with environmental load reduction or productivity enhancement initiatives
  • Local government official engaging with packaging recycling network
  • Government agency


We will run advertisement in various media with a focus on industry newspapers and magazines, and roll out an advertising campaign targeting a wide audience. Publicity activities will also include press conferences, press release and utilize various media to attract visitors with a clear purpose.

PR Activities at Different Exhibitions Held at Home and Abroad, and through Pre-Event Seminars

We conduct PR activities for JAPAN PACK 2023 in collaboration with various related exhibitions, handing out leaflets and putting up posters. In addition, we hold packaging-related seminars as needed, disseminate the latest information that meets user industries’ needs, and encourage them to come to the venue, which serves as the place where solutions that meet their needs can be realized.