Exhibiting Theme


Supporting a Sustainable Society

Designing packaging plans based on the life cycle / Proper use of plastics / Development of new materials and alternative materials / Utilizing used packaging as energy / Promoting Reduce, Reuse, Recycle / Food loss and waste reduction / Support for ethical consumption / Products, technologies, and services that support a sustainable society


Productivity Enhancement

Strengthening of supply chains through DX / Optimization of supply chain management / Incorporating diversity in production sites / Labor saving / Remote production system / Reduction of raw material loss / Decrease of manufacturing costs through rationalization / Reduction of distribution and transportation costs / Products, technologies, and services that contribute to automation and optimization at production line


Security and Safety

Ensuring hygiene / Protection of product quality, and reliability assurance in distribution / Prevention of counterfeit outflow / Prevention of accidental eating and ingestion / Medication management / Quality assurance / Compliance with packaging regulations / Technologies, services that support safety and security


Market Expansion

Acceleration of cross-industry collaboration / Business Continuity Planning / Response to the remote work, and sharing economy / Changing dietary habits / Expansion of the EC market / Export of Japanese products / Preparation of production bases / Promotion of corporate collaboration / Nurturing human resources in the packaging industry / Inbound Tourism consumption / Changing business practices and consumption through metaverse popularization / Technologies, services in response to the market expansion of packaging and related industries

JAPAN PACK 2023 is an opportunity for exhibiting "new value of packaging” that solves the following issues.