All Technologies Related to “Packaging” Gathered in One Place!

From manufacturing and processing to measuring, filling, packaging, printing, typing, inspecting and packing, etc. a wide range of corporations and cutting-edge technologies assemble in one place to make connections and create collaborations – JAPAN PACK makes all this possible.

As this is a comprehensive exhibition of the packaging industry where technologies for various production processes come together, new connections and synergies that we call “formulas” are born. Exhibitors collaborate and share technologies to create new sales channels and businesses, which result in solutions for visitors who come to the exhibition.

Please take advantage of this opportunity to advance your business to a new level.

Invitation to Participate in JAPAN PACK 2019 Application for Participation in the Exhibition
Key Schedule of the Exhibitor


September 13, 2018

Acceptance of applications begins


March 31, 2019

Deadline for applications


May (scheduled)

Explanatory Meeting for the Exhibition (Tokyo and Osaka)
Distribution of materials related to procedures for participating in exhibition (diagram showing booth allocation, Exhibitor’s Manual, etc.)


July (scheduled)

Invitations sent out


Saturday, October 26 to Sunday, October 27

Constructions of booths, Carry-in of exhibits


Monday, October 28, 2019

Construction of booth, manual installation *No vehicles allowed inside the hall


Tuesday, October 29 to Friday, November 1



Friday, November 1, 2019

From after the conclusion of the event to 10:00 a.m. (tentative), November 2 (Sat.) –– Removal of booth, carrying out exhibited products


Support Services for Exhibitors

Diverse Services to Create Business Opportunities

Before the event, we will support our exhibitors to attract visitors.
During the event, we will provide various services to create business opportunities.

We will provide consistent support to create as many business opportunities as possible for our exhibitors, attracting potential customers and special guests to the event and offering a wide variety of contents such as presentations and awards in conjunction with the exhibition.

Posters, Invitations and Promotional Activities to Attract Visitors

To draw potential customers to the venue, we will provide exhibitors with a predetermined number of posters and invitations. Questionnaires have shown that “invitation from exhibitor” is a major reason people come to the event. Please use the materials to attract visitors to the event.

Special VIP Guests

We will provide VIP invitations to send to your special customers. VIP guests will be given privileges such as smooth admission to the venue and access to the lounge area.

Dedicated Page on Official Website

We will set up a page dedicated to each exhibitor on our official website. Exhibitors will be able to upload information about the company or the products exhibited at the event to show to potential customers in various industries.

Production Line Promotion Area

We are planning to set up a panel exhibit area where visual displays will show the exhibitors in the overall production line. In addition to promotional activities at the individual booths, exhibitors can demonstrate their role in relation to others on the line and attract more visitors.

Packaging Consultation Counter

Packaging professionals will respond to issues and questions visitors have. Using information provided by exhibitors on the latest technologies and the organizer's own database, we will introduce exhibitors that meet the visitors’ needs, promoting business matching.


Receptions will be held at the venue including an opening reception on the first day of the event and an international reception that will provide opportunities to connect with participants from Japan, Asia and around the world. Please use these gatherings to exchange information and cultivate contacts.


In addition to advertising at the venue, we will prepare various sponsorship plans to attract the attention of visitors such as ads in venue guide maps and web banner ads. Please use these opportunities to make announcements before the event, provide information to guests during the event and for corporate branding.


Shuttle bus services between the venue and exhibitor parking area will be operated during the exhibit installation period. In addition, we will provide dedicated resting areas for the exhibitors and guidance to our official accommodation facilities to support the activities of the exhibitors.


Attracting Visitors to the Event

Active Promotional Activities Targeting Various Industries and Business Types Related to the Production Line

We will execute promotional activities utilizing various tools to attract users of manufacturing-related technologies including the food industry, the pharmaceutical, chemical and cosmetic industries, the distribution industry, trading companies, the packaging material industry and the printing industry, and visitors from various other types of industries and businesses.

Direct Mail

Using a mailing list owned by the organizer, we will send invitations and approach potential customers in domestic and overseas industries with needs and issues related to the production line, related government and public offices and public organizations.


We will run advertisements in various media with a focus on industry newspapers and magazines and roll out an advertising campaign targeting a wide audience. Publicity activities will also include press conferences and press releases and utilize various media to attract visitors with a clear sense of purpose.

Information Sent through the Official Website and Other Channels

We will continue to post the latest information on the exhibitors, the exhibition and concurrent events on our official website . In addition, we will attract visitors to the event with online pre-registration. We are also planning to send information through smartphones, apps and SNS platforms.

Promotional Activities at Domestic and Overseas Exhibitions

We will cooperate with various related exhibitions to distribute materials and to display posters as part of prior promotional activities. Actively promoting the event at overseas exhibitions helps to attract visitors from abroad who are interested in manufacturing-related technologies in Japan.

Press Room

There will be a special room at the venue for members of the press and media who come to cover the event. We will assist the press to promote the transmission of information during the event by setting up spaces where they can prepare their articles, providing the latest information, setting up interviews, etc.

A Wide Range of Concurrent Events

A wide range of programs will take place during the event, including special lectures, specialized seminars, presentations by exhibitors, the JAPAN PACK AWARDS, the Packaging Consultation Counter, the Production Line Promotion Area, various receptions, and meetings and networking events for related industry organizations. Such programs will work in conjunction with the event to draw in more visitors.


Main Exhibit Categories

Group 1Packaging Machinery and Packing Equipment

Weighing/counting equipment for packaging; filling machines; bag form-fill-seal machines; bag feed-fill-seal machines; container form-fill-seal machines; labeling machines; cartoning machines(cartoner); overwrapping machines; sealing machines; shrink packaging machines; vacuum packaging machines; packing machines (strapping/tying machines); external packing machines and related equipment, etc.

Group 2Packaging Material Converting Equipment

Bag manufacturing equipment; slitters/rewinders; paper/cardboard processing machines; cushioning material manufacturing equipment; plastic processing equipment; can making machines, etc.

Group 3Packaging Robots/Packaging-related Equipment/Inspecting and Detecting Equipment

Handling robots (sorting/supplying/aligning/accumulating); collaborative robots; arranging machines; automatic feeders (goods for packaging, trays); small card/card feeders; Printers; buffer equipment; adhesive/hot-melt applicators; barcode readers; container washers/bottle washing machines; static elimination equipment; straw/spout placement machines; capping machines; cappers/cap sealers; can seamers; carrier devices (conveyers, etc.); weight checkers; metal detection machines; seals; Pin hole inspecting equipment; contamination inspection machines; X-ray foreign object detectors; print inspecting equipment; color sorting equipment; shape sorting machines/appearance inspection machines; image processing equipment, etc.

Group 4Components/Environment Preservation Equipment/Logistic Equipment and Services

Pneumatic/hydraulic equipment; industrial knives(knives/cutters); air shafts; heaters; screws/handles/tools; motors/transmission and reduction gear/ intermittent equipment; gears/chains/belts/edge controllers; pumps/tanks/piping/ hoses; switches/sensors/timers/temperature controllers; electric/electronic control equipment; compression packing machines; grinders; garbage disposers; condemned food stuff separators/bag breaking machines; waste sorting machines; waste recycling/Styrofoam volume reduction containers; carts; containers; conveyors; sorting/picking systems; pallets; information devices; barcode/2D code generators/readers, etc.

Group 5Food Processing Equipment/Related Equipment

Rice and other grain refining equipment; flour milling equipment; noodle manufacturing equipment; bread and confectionery manufacturing equipment; milk processing/dairy products manufacturing equipment; meat processing equipment; marine product processing equipment; beverage manufacturing equipment; tea processing equipment; kitchen instruments; food processing and manufacturing equipment; freshness control and quality preservation, etc.

Group 6Pharmaceutical- and Cosmetic-related Equipment

Mixers; granulators; coating machines; tableting machines; powder packaging machines; agitators; kneading machines; packaging insert folding machines; Rondo packaging machines; ampule sealing machines; poultice coating machines; diaper/tissue processing machines; napkin manufacturing and processing machines, etc.

Group 7Packaging Materials

Paper/Cardboard Products; Plastic Products; Metal Products; wood/cloth/glass; cushioning materials, etc.

Group 8Plant Engineering Systems

Packaging plant systems; plant construction/control systems; clean rooms; HACCP-compliant systems; GMP-compliant systems; information control systems, etc.

Group 9Organizational PR/Press and Information Media/ Research institutions, etc.


Rules and Regulations for Participation in the Exhibition

Companies wishing to enter an exhibit (hereinafter referred to as “Exhibitor”) at JAPAN PACK 2019 (hereinafter referred to as “Exhibition”) are presumed to have agreed to the rules and regulations established by Japan Packaging Machinery Manufacturers Association (hereinafter referred to as “Organizer”) and stipulated in “Invitation to Participate in JAPAN PACK” (this brochure) and “Exhibitor’s Manual” (scheduled for distribution in May 2019).

1. Application / Participation Fee

1-1 Application Deadline

1) Applications will be accepted, in principle, through Sunday, March 31, 2019.

2) Application acceptance will be closed before the end of the application period if all the booths are filled.

3) Applications will be accepted after the application period is over (on or later than Monday, April 1, 2019) if there are available booths.

1-2 Application Method

1) Complete the application form and mail it to the organizer.

2) The organizer will accept the application form after checking the contents. The application form will then be inscribed with the acceptance date and acceptance number, etc. in the designated space and mailed back to the applicants together with an invoice for the application deposit (JPY50,000 excluding tax per booth, which will form part of the paticipation fee). The application process is completed when the organizer dispatches the accepted application form and the invoice for the application deposit to the applicants.

3)The applicants are asked to remit the application deposit to the bank account designated by the organizer by the due date. (The due date and the bank account will be noted on the invoice for the application deposit.) The applicants are also asked to cover the remittance charge.

4) If a remittance of the application fee from the Exhibitor cannot be confirmed by the due date, the Organizer will consider the application to be withdrawn by the Exhibitor and provision 1-4 (Withdrawal of Application) will be applied.

1-3 Participation Fee

1) Participation Fee will be JPY340,000 for each booth (2.97 m x 2.97 m = 8.82 m2).

2) Expenses for items 1-6 below are included in the participation fee:
1. Exhibition booth
2. Partitions (rear walls and side walls when there are adjacent booths) (*system panels)
3. Electricity primary wiring of up to 1.5 kW
4. Construction and maintenance expenses for shared facilities
5. Advertising expenses (posters, invitations, etc.)
6. Overall cost for planning, organizing and managing the Exhibition

3) The following discounts are available depending on the number of exhibition booths that will be allotted. Please take advantage of the discounts.

1. Exhibitors 3 or more booths 5% discount from total participation fee
2. New exhibitors (general exhibitors only) 1 or more booths 10% discount from total participation fee

*Items 1 and 2 above may be applied simultaneously. For example, an Exhibitor that is classified as a general exhibitor participating for the first time with 3 or more booths, a 15% discount will be applied to the applicable total participation fee.

1-4 Withdrawal of Application

1) If all or part of the exhibit for which an application has been accepted is withdrawn at the will of the applicants, the applicants must pay a withdrawal fee as described below. The applicable date shall be determined based on the date on which a written withdrawal notice, for which the applicants may use any format, is received by the organizer.

On or before Sunday, March 31, 2019
- Total application deposit for the exhibit + consumption tax

From Monday, April 1 to Friday, May 31, 2019 - 50% of the total participation fee
On or later than Saturday, June 1, 2019 - 100% of the total participation fee

2) For the booth for which exhibits was withdrawn, the organizer will have the right to use them in any way the organizer deems appropriate.

3) The Organizer reserves the right to nullify the application and booth allocation of an Exhibitor that has violated the regulations for participating in the Exhibition or has made false statements on the application for participation before or during the Exhibition. In addition, in accordance to this provision (Withdrawal of Application), the said Exhibitor must pay a cancellation fee.

1-5 Determination of the Booth Location

The organizer will determine the location of the booth for each applicants while taking into consideration factors such as the products to be exhibited, exhibit size, past exhibits, order of applications, and the need for demonstration. The layout of all the booth will be announced at the Explanatory Meeting (to be held in May 2019).

1-6 Payment of the Participation Fee

1) The organizer will mail an invoice for the participation fee to the applicants (scheduled in June 2019).The applicants are to remit the participation fee plus consumption tax to the designated bank account, which is presented on the invoice. The applicants are asked to cover the remittance charge.

2) If a remittance from the Exhibitor of the total amount of the participation fee and consumption tax cannot be confirmed by the due date, the Organizer will consider the application to be withdrawn by the Exhibitor and provision 1-4 (Withdrawal of Application) will be applied.

1-7 Prohibition of Leasing or Reselling Booth to a Third Party

The Exhibitor is prohibited from leasing or reselling to a third party or exchanging with another Exhibitor all or part of an allotted booth, with or without compensation. The Organizer reserves the right to cancel the allocation of a booth to an Exhibitor that is found to be leasing or reselling to a third party or exchanging with another Exhibitor all or part of an allotted booth. In addition, if an allocation of a booth is cancelled, the said Exhibitor must pay a cancellation fee in accordance to provision 1-4 (Withdrawal of Application).

2. Installation, Removal and Decoration

2-1 Installation and Removal of Products and Other Articles to Be Exhibited, Construction and Removal of Decorations

Please conduct the installation and removal of products and other articles to be exhibited and the construction and removal of decorations during the following periods determined by the Organizer:

Installation: October 26 (Sat.) – October 28 (Mon.), 2019
Removal: After the conclusion of the event on November 1 (Fri.) – 10:00 a.m. (tentative) on November 2 (Sat.), 2019

2-2 Basic Booth Units and Decoration of Booths

1) The organizer will, for the basic booth, set up the back wall, side walls (system panels) and the number plate. As for block booth and some double booth, the organizer will set up only the side walls and the number plate.

2) With the exclusion of item 1) above, all expenses will be paid by the Exhibitor.

3) The height of a basic booth is 2.7 m. Decorations in a booth must be set back at least 1.0 m from aisles and adjacent booths and be no higher than 4.5 m. With regard to block booths of 40 booths or more, decorations in a block must be set back at least 2.0 m and be no higher than 6.0 m. However, the Exhibitor must submit decoration construction plans to the company responsible for the construction of basic booths (Hiromeya Co., Ltd.) that has been designated by the Organizer and obtain permission from the Organizer and the fire station concerned before executing a construction plan.

2-3 Use of Fire and Hazardous Materials

Using open fire and carrying in hazardous materials is prohibited at the venue. To obtain special permission to use open fire or hazardous materials, a request must be submitted to and approved by the fire marshal concerned. In addition, there are restrictions on the amount that can be carried in depending on conditions such as the placement of the hazardous material in the booth and the situation of adjacent booths. Machines that contain and use more than the assigned volume of oil cannot be demonstrated inside the venue.

3. Other Matters Related to Exhibits

3-1 Prohibition of Exhibits That Are Primarily Aimed at the Collection of Personal Information

Exhibits primarily aimed at collecting personal information from visitors without displaying the company's products or promoting products and services at the booth is prohibited. Moreover, exhibits must meet the requirements of the Personal Information Protection Law.

3-2 Product Demonstrations and Presentations

1) Product demonstrations and explanations can only be conducted inside the Exhibitor’s booth. An Exhibitor may not forcefully lead visitors to its booth, conduct demonstrations or explanations of exhibited products, distribute brochures or other items, solicit visitors or sell products outside its own booth. In addition, an Exhibitor must take sufficient safety measures when demonstrating its products to visitors.

2) When using audio equipment to explain or demonstrate exhibited products, please make sure that conditions 1-3 below are met so as not to disturb business talks and other activities of neighboring exhibitors.

(1) Set the volume to 80 decibels or lower when measured from a distance of 2.0 m from the front of the booth.
(2) When setting up speakers, point them away from the aisles.
(3) If the Organizer determines that a sound is disturbing business talks of neighboring exhibitors, the Exhibitor concerned must follow the directions of the Organizer.

3-3 Food and Beverage Sampling

If the Exhibitor wishes to offer sample food or beverages used for demonstrations in its booth, it must submit an application to the public health center concerned and meet the conditions for approval such as setting up hand-washing spaces. All applications to the public health center will be collected and submitted by the Organizer.

3-4 Prohibition of Photographs/Videos and Copies/Reproductions

Taking photographs/videos and producing copies/reproductions of exhibited products, fixtures, etc. without permission from the Exhibitor concerned or the Organizer is prohibited. However, the Organizer requests exhibitors to cooperate as much as possible when members of official photography/video documenting teams (wearing armbands with the inscription “Official Documentation Team”) designated by the Organizer or the press (wearing armbands with the inscription “Press”) are shooting photographs or videos of the venue, exhibition booths, etc.

3-5 Protection and Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights

The Exhibitor is requested to take necessary measures to protect and observe intellectual property rights (patents, trademarks, etc.).

3-6 Designation as Bonded Exhibition Ground

The Exhibition will apply to customs to be designated as a bonded exhibition ground for eight days from October 26 (Sat.) to November 2 (Sat.), 2019. Therefore, foreign products (products that were produced or manufactured in countries and regions other than Japan for which import custom clearance procedures have not been completed) may be exhibited.

3-7 Liability for Damages

The organizer will pay close attention to the management, organization, and maintenance of the Exhibition, but shall not be held responsible for damages such as those indicated below.

1) Injuries or damages to humans or articles arising from the use of the booth by the exhibitors or relates parties, or injuries or damages to humans or articles arising in the exhibition hall or in the vicinity due to negligence on the part of the exhibitors or related parties;

2) In the event the organizer decides to postpone or call off the Exhibition due to a natural disaster or other events of force majeure, any damages, increases in cost or other matters of inconvenience that occur to the exhibitors or related parties;

3) Damage to the exhibitors or related parties arising due to a natural disaster, delay in public transportation, social instability, etc.; and

4) Accidental misspelling or omission of characters in any medium or data pertaining to the Exhibition.

*For further details on regulations concerning exhibits, please refer to the “Exhibitor’s Manual” (scheduled for distribution in May 2019) and comply with all regulations included in the manual.

Number of Visitors at the Previous Exhibition

October 29
October 30
October 31
November 1
Weather Rainy Sunny Sunny Sunny -
Number of visitors 7,071Including 568 visitors from overseas 8,609Including 398 visitors from overseas 8,085Including 241 visitors from overseas 9,774Including 103 visitors from overseas 33,539Including 1,310 visitors from overseas

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