Japan International Packaging Machinery Show 2017

About Exhibition

Rules and Regulations for Participation in the Exhibition

1. Application Deadline
  1. Applications will be accepted, in principle, through Friday, March 31, 2017.
  2. Application acceptance will be closed before the end of the application period if all the booths are filled.
  3. Applications will be accepted after the application period is over (on or later than Saturday, April 1, 2017) if there are openings.
2. Application Method
  1. Complete the application form and mail it to the organizer.
  2. The organizer will accept the application form after checking the contents. The application form will then be inscribed with the acceptance date and acceptance number, etc. in the designated space and mailed back to the applicants together with an invoice for the application deposit (JPY50,000 excluding tax per booth, which will form part of the paticipation fee). The application process is complete when the organizer dispatches the accepted application form and the invoice for the application deposit to the applicants.
  3. The applicants are asked to remit the application deposit to the bank account designated by the organizer by the due date. (The due date and the bank account will be noted on the invoice for the application deposit.) The applicants are also asked to cover the remittance charge. * If the application process is completed on or before Friday, December 30, 2016, a discount of 5% will be applied as an incentive for early application. We invite you to take advantage of the discount to reduce exhibition costs.

    Table of discounted fees * Discount will be applied from one booth upwards.

    Application for 5 booths Discount of JPY12,500
    Application for 10 booths Discount of JPY25,000
    Application for 20 booths Discount of JPY50,000
    Application for 30 booths Discount of JPY75,000
    Application for 40 booths Discount of JPY100,000
  4. The organizer will, if remittance of application deposit cannot be confirmed by the due date (as presented on the invoice), consider the application to be canceled at the will of the applicants. In such a case, the applicants shall pay a withdrawal fee in accordance with the provisions of 4. Withdrawal of Application.
3. Participation Fee
  1. Participation Fee will be JPY340,000 for each booth (2.97 m × 2.97 m = 8.82 m2).
  2. The participation fee covers the following.
    • The booth for exhibition
    • Booth walls
      (back and side walls when there is an adjoining space)
    • Electricity primary wiring up to 1.5 kW for every booth
    • Construction and maintenance expenses for common facilities
    • PR expenses (posters, invitations)
    • The overall cost for planning, organizing, and managing the exhibition
  3. All expenses other than those stated under 2) above are to be covered by the applicants.
4. Withdrawal of Application
  1. If all or part of the exhibit for which an application has been accepted is withdrawn at the will of the applicants, the applicants must pay a withdrawal fee as described below. The applicable date shall be determined based on the date on which a written withdrawal notice, for which the applicants may use any format, is received by the organizer.
    On or before
    Friday, March 31, 2017
    Total application deposit for the exhibit + consumption tax
    From Saturday, April 1 to Wednesday, May 31, 2017 50% of the total participation fee
    On or later than
    Thursday, June 1, 2017
    100% of the total participation fee
  2. For the booth for which exhibits was withdrawn, the organizer will have the right to use them in any way the organizer deems appropriate.
  3. The organizer has the right to annul the application of a company which has violated the rules and regulations for entering an exhibit before or during the Exhibition, or which has stated a falsehood on the Application form. In such a case, the applicants must pay a withdrawal fee in accordance with the provisions of 4. Withdrawal of Application.
5. Determination of the Booth Location
The organizer will determine the location of the booth for each applicants while taking into consideration factors such as the products to be exhibited, exhibit size, past exhibits, order of applications, and the need for demonstration. The layout of all the booth will be announced at the Explanatory Meeting (to be held in May 2017).
6. Payment of the Participation Fee
  1. The organizer will mail an invoice for the participation fee to the applicants (scheduled in June 2017).
    The applicants are to remit the participation fee plus consumption tax to the designated bank account, which is presented on the invoice. The applicants are asked to cover the remittance charge.
  2. The organizer will, if remittance of participation fee and consumption tax cannot be confirmed by the due date, consider the application to be withdrawn at the will of the applicants. In such a case, the applicants must pay a withdrawal fee in accordance with the provisions of 4. Withdrawal of Application above.
7. Prohibition of Leasing or Reselling Booth to a Third Party
The applicants (“exhibitors” from here on) are prohibited from leasing or reselling part or all of the allotted booth to a third party. If exhibitors are found leasing or reselling part or all of its booth to a third party, the organizer has the right to repeal the allocation of the booth. In such a case, the exhibitors must pay a withdrawal fee in accordance with the provisions of 4. Withdrawal of Application above.
8. Basic Booth Unit
  1. The organizer will, for the basic booth, set up the back wall, side walls (system panels) and the number plate. As for block booth and some double booth, the organizer will set up only the side walls and the number plate.
  2. The cost for decoration work apart from the above will be covered by the exhibitors.
  3. The height of the basic booth is 2.7 m. The height of decoration is limited to 4.5 m, if the decoration is set back 1 m or more from the front or the next booth. For exhibitors with 40 booths or more, the height is limited to 6.0 m in areas set back by 2 m or more.
    The exhibitors need to submit a design drawing to the organizer, and obtain permission from the organizer as well as the local fire department. Please note that we may not be able to accommodate your requests in some cases.
9. Installing and Removing Exhibits
  1. Installation of exhibits in the venue and the booth must take place during time specified by the organizer, to be decided at a later date. If the exhibitors do not start installation, decoration or wiring work in the designated booth by 17:00 on Monday, October 2, 2017, the organizer has the right to determine that the exhibitors have withdrawn its application and to use the booth in the way that the organizer deems appropriate. In such a case, the exhibitors must pay a withdrawal fee in accordance with the provisions of 4. Withdrawal of Application above.
  2. Removal of the exhibit, decorations, and other articles must take place during the space of time which will be instructed by the organizer on a later date. If removal is not complete during the designated period, the organizer will remove the articles. In such a case, the cost pertaining to the removal will be covered by the exhibitors.
  3. With regard to cargo-handling machinery (such as cranes and forklifts) in handling the installation and removal of exhibits, the exhibitors will use only the machinery by brands designated by the organizer. Please be advised that the use of cargo-handling machinery of other brands is not allowed.
10. Demonstrations, Tasting, Product Explanations
The exhibitors may demonstrate its products in its booth. In doing so, adequate care should be taken to ensure the safety of spectators.
If the exhibitors are to offer foods (such as pastries, confectioneries, or sushi) for tasting, it needs to apply for permission from the public health center. The organizer will gather all such applications and collectively submit them to the authority.
The exhibitors should not offer product explanations, distribute brochures or solicit spectators outside its booth.
11. Use of Microphones or Speakers
If the exhibitors wish to use a microphone or a speaker, it needs to meet certain conditions in order not to disturb business talks, etc. of other exhibiting companies. Further details will be described in the Exhibitor’s Handbook (scheduled to be published in May 2017).
12. Protection of Intellectual Property Rights
The exhibitors are asked to protect and comply with intellectual property rights (patents, trademarks, etc.).
13. Exhibition Space for Bonded Items
For foreign products (for which import procedures have not been completed), permission for bonded exhibitions is to be obtained from Tokyo Customs.
14. Liability for Damages

The organizer will pay close attention to the management, organization, and maintenance of the Exhibition, but shall not be held responsible for damages such as those indicated below.

  1. Injuries or damages to humans or articles arising from the use of the booth by the exhibitors or relates parties, or injuries or damages to humans or articles arising in the exhibition hall or in the vicinity due to negligence on the part of the exhibitors or related parties;
  2. In the event the organizer decides to postpone or call off the Exhibition due to a natural disaster or other events of force majeure, any damages, increases in cost or other matters of inconvenience that occur to the exhibitors or related parties;
  3. Damage to the exhibitors or related parties arising due to a natural disaster, delay in public transportation, social instability, etc.; and
  4. Accidental misspelling or omission of characters in any medium or data pertaining to the Exhibition.
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Exhibit Categories

Group1 : Packaging Machinery

Individual/Internal Packaging Equipment.
Weighing/counting equipment for packaging; filling machines (for bags, boxes, and other packaging containers); canning machines; bottling machines; pre-made bag/continuous type bag form-fill-seal machines; rigid container form-fill-seal machines (paper container form-fill-seal machines, PTP packaging machines, blister packaging machines, and portion bag packaging machines); sealing machines (desktop type sealers, belt sealers, and cup/tray sealers); labeling machines; shrink packaging machines (semi-automatic type packaging machines, continuous type packaging machines, shrink type labelers, cap sealers, and pallet shrink packaging machines); overwrapping machines (folding-type wrapping machines, twist wrapping machines, stretch wrapping machines, and pallet stretch packaging machines); vacuum packaging machines (semi-automatic and continuous types, deep-drawing type, and gas flushing type); cartoning machines; and other individual/internal packaging machines.
External Packing Equipment.
Case loading machines; strapping machines; tying machines; banding machines; taping machines; case gluing machines; boxing machines; box forming machines; and other outer packing machines.

Group2 : Packaging Materials

Paper/Cardboard Products.
Wrapping paper/bag base paper; paper bags; corrugated cardboard boxes; paper containers; and other cardboard products.
Plastic Products.
Film/sheets; molded containers; laminate film/sheets; biodegradable plastics; polystyrene foam products; strapping bands; and strings.
Metal Products.
Steel cans, aluminum cans, and foil.
Other Packaging Materials.
Glass bottles; wooden products; cellophane; tapes; seals/labels; pallets, etc.

Group3 : Packaging Material Converting Equipment

Packaging Material Converting Equipment
Bag manufacturing equipment; slitters; rewinders; plastic processing equipment; paper converting machines; cushioning material manufacturing equipment; and other packaging material converting equipment.

Group4 : Food Processing Equipment

Food Processing Equipment
Rice and other grain refining equipment; flour milling equipment; noodle manufacturing equipment; bread and confectionery manufacturing equipment; milk processing equipment; dairy products manufacturing equipment; meat processing equipment; marine product processing equipment; beverage manufacturing equipment; tea processing equipment; kitchen instruments; food processing and manufacturing equipment; freshness control and quality preservation; and other food-related equipment.

Group5 : Pharmaceutical- and Cosmetic-related Equipment

Pharmaceutical- and Cosmetic-related Equipment
Mixers; granulators; coating machines; tableting machines; powder packaging machines; agitators; kneading machines; packaging insert folding machines; aerosol can filling machines; diaper/tissue processing machines; poultice coating machines; napkin manufacturing and processing machines; ample/vial/syringe system equipment; PTP system equipment; micro amount powder handling machines; liquid/viscous body handling machines; and other pharmaceutical- and cosmetic-related machines.

Group6 : Inspecting and Testing Equipment

Inspecting and Testing Equipment
Pin hole inspecting equipment; X-ray inspecting equipment; metal detectors; foreign substance detectors; print inspecting equipment; weight sorting equipment; color sorting equipment; shape sorting/inspecting equipment; and other inspecting/testing equipment.

Group7 : Various Processing / Packaging-related Equipment

Various Processing / Packaging-related Equipment
Printers; arranging machines; automatic feeders; feeders; buffer equipment; bag feeders; adhesive applicators; barcode readers; container washers; static elimination equipment; hot melt applicators; and other manufacturing and processing equipment/packaging-related equipment.

Group8 : Components

Pneumatic/hydraulic equipment; industrial knives; screws; handles; tools; heaters; gears; chains; belts; hoses; torque limiters; intermittent equipment; reducers; motors; bearings; inverters; air shafts; edge controllers; switches; sensors; temperature controllers; disconnection alarms; timers; programmable controllers; touch panels; pumps; tanks; and other components.

Group9 : Packaging Robots

Packaging Robots
Multi-joint robots; parallel-link type robots; packaging robot line systems; robot palletizers; and other packaging robots.

Group10 : Logistic Equipment and Services

Logistic Equipment and Services
Palletizers; depalletizers; carts; containers; conveyors; sorting systems; pallets; information devices; barcode/2D code generators/readers; other logistic equipment and services.

Group11 : Environment Preservation Equipment and Services

Environment Preservation Equipment and Services
Air compressors; grinders; recycling systems;
and other environmental equipment and services.

Group12 : Plant Engineering Systems

Plant Engineering Systems
Packaging plant systems; plant construction/control systems; clean rooms; HACCP-compliant systems; GMP-compliant systems; information control systems; and other plant engineering systems.

Group13 : Organizational PR

Organizational PR
Public relations for relevant organizations and prefectural governments.

Group14 : Press and Information Media

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Booth Types

Single Booth (Depth 2.97m)

Please be advised that we may have to change the number of booth unit(s) and/or the booth type you applied for in order to accommodate all participants.

Number of Booth Unit(s) Width (m) × Depth (m)
1 8.82 2.97 × 2.97
2 17.64 5.94 × 2.97
3 26.46 8.91 × 2.97
4 35.28 11.88 × 2.97
5 44.10 14.85 × 2.97
6 52.93 17.82 × 2.97
7 61.75 20.79 × 2.97
8 70.57 23.76 × 2.97
9 79.39 26.73 × 2.97
10 88.21 29.70 × 2.97
Double Booth (Depth 5.94m)

Please be advised that we may have to change the number of booth unit(s) and/or the booth type you applied for in order to accommodate all participants.

Number of Booth Unit(s) Width (m) × Depth (m)
4 35.28 5.94 × 5.94
6 52.93 8.91 × 5.94
8 70.57 11.88 × 5.94
10 88.21 14.85 × 5.94
12 105.85 17.82 × 5.94
14 123.49 20.79 × 5.94
16 141.13 23.76 × 5.94
18 158.78 26.73 × 5.94
20 176.42 29.70 × 5.94
Block Booth

Width and Depth are tailored to the exhibitors’ specifications.

Basic Booth Unit(s)
  1. Basic booth will be constructed with system panels. System panels are made of vinyl chloride (white), aluminum poles, and aluminum beams.
  2. The size of one booth is 2.97 m (width) by 2.97 m (depth) measured from and to the center of the panels.
  3. No decorations should be applied directly to the system panels or aluminum poles and beams, such as the use of nails or screws, applying adhesives or pasting wallpaper.
Packaged Decoration Plan

A standard booth

This is offered so that a booth is created simply and reasonably by combining pre-packaged elements.

Details are scheduled to be presented on the official exhibition website in May 2017.

Basic plan for one booth :
Total JPY39,640 (excluding tax)
1. Carpet 8.82㎡
2 Parapet 2.97m
3 Reception counter 1
4 Folding chair 1
5 40W fluorescent lamps 2
6 Campany name plate 1
7 Installation and removal costs
For inquiries about JAPAN PACK 2017, please contact us below.
Japan Packaging Machinery Manufacturers Association “JAPAN PACK 2017 Executive Office”

Address: 2-5-6 Shinkawa, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0033, Japan
TEL: +81-3-6222-2277 FAX: +81-3-6222-2280
Contacts: Inoue, Abe

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