That’s Why?

That's Why JAPAN PACK 2023

That’s why JAPAN PACK 2023 当たり前の、その先へ—“包装”が拓く未来への最先端が集結。見て、聞いて、触れて、体感。だから、JAPAN PACKは選ばれる。生産現場の自動化とダイバーシティ化へ。包装は、もっと“人”に優しくなる。SDGs達成とカーボンニュートラル実現へ。包装は、もっと“地球”に優しくなる。そんな、優しい未来が、豊かな未来が、魅力あふれる未来が、この先で待っている。さぁ、今ここから始めよう。

The place for “Cocreation” where solutions to problems are cocreated.
That’s why JAPAN PACK is selected.

JAPAN PACK’s core competence is to be a general exhibition led by packaging machinery manufacturers. Therefore, an encounter with an innovative idea or new technology easily develops into an aggressive business interaction to discuss “how to materialize it”. Who will find a solution? An exhibitor and a visitor; an exhibitor and another exhibitor; or a visitor and another visitor. This is the strength of an exhibition, “Real Communication Space”.

Solutions appropriate for “YOU” will be found through various communication channels.
That’s why JAPAN PACK is selected.

The degree to which information is needed is different depending on the visitor; therefore, what visitors can find at JAPAN PACK are not just exhibits displayed in the exhibitors’ booths. Various lecture sessions and seminars where leading experts from different fields gather, cross-industrial featured exhibition by the host, virtual technologies utilizing online communication and videos, etc. are ready to offer solutions that meet each visitor’s needs.

The platform for creating a “Future” available to both industries and consumers.
That’s why JAPAN PACK is selected.

The packaging industry plays an essential role in society; therefore, the challenges the industry must address are high-profile issues for society as well. This is why various media personnel wishing to cover the exhibition from diverse viewpoints come to the venue. Reporters who write articles for a wide range of readers from industries to consumers are dispatched from different media including TV, national newspapers, industry-specific magazines, and online media to find good topics for coverage. You can use the exhibition as a place to deliver your message about your vision and purpose toward the future in addition to your products and technologies.

The Values Created by JAPAN PACK 2023 Held under the New Normal

The following values are offered at JAPAN PACK 2023 held in the Real Communication Space.

  • Encounter with real machinery and products that inspire the five senses
  • Encounter with information and relationship that can be realized only through face-to-face communication
  • Opportunity to offer or embrace experience of the entire industry and cross-industrial collaborations
  • Visualization of the industry’s philosophy by collecting all necessary information from news coverage released by different media

Exhibition = A place where exhibitors are linked to visitors through “Real Opinion”