Japan International Packaging Machinery Show 2015

About Exhibition

Exhibit Categories

Group1 : Packaging Machinery

Individual/Internal Packaging Equipment.
Weighing/counting equipment for packaging; filling machines (for bags, boxes, and other packaging containers); canning machines; bottling machines; pre-made bag/continuous type bag form-fill-seal machines; rigid container form-fill-seal machines (paper container form-fill-seal machines, PTP packaging machines, blister packaging machines, and portion bag packaging machines); sealing machines (desktop type sealers, belt sealers, and cup/tray sealers); labeling machines; shrink packaging machines (semi-automatic type packaging machines, continuous type packaging machines, shrink type labelers, cap sealers, and pallet shrink packaging machines); overwrapping machines (folding-type wrapping machines, twist wrapping machines, stretch wrapping machines, and pallet stretch packaging machines); vacuum packaging machines (semi-automatic and continuous types, deep-drawing type, and gas flushing type); cartoning machines; and other individual/internal packaging machines.
External Packing Equipment.
Case loading machines; strapping machines; tying machines; banding machines; taping machines; case gluing machines; boxing machines; box forming machines; and other outer packing machines.

Group2 : Packaging Materials

Paper/Cardboard Products.
Wrapping paper/bag base paper; paper bags; corrugated cardboard boxes; paper containers; and other cardboard products.
Plastic Products.
Film/sheets; molded containers; laminate film/sheets; biodegradable plastics; polystyrene foam products; strapping bands; and strings.
Metal Products.
Steel cans, aluminum cans, and foil.
Other Packaging Materials.
Glass bottles; wooden products; cellophane; tapes; seals/labels; pallets, etc.

Group3 : Packaging Material Converting Equipment

Packaging Material Converting Equipment
Bag manufacturing equipment; slitters; rewinders; plastic processing equipment; paper converting machines; cushioning material manufacturing equipment; and other packaging material converting equipment.

Group4 : Food Processing Equipment

Food Processing Equipment
Rice and other grain refining equipment; flour milling equipment; noodle manufacturing equipment; bread and confectionery manufacturing equipment; milk processing equipment; dairy products manufacturing equipment; meat processing equipment; marine product processing equipment; beverage manufacturing equipment; tea processing equipment; kitchen instruments; food processing and manufacturing equipment; and other food-related equipment.

Group5 : Pharmaceutical- and Cosmetic-related Equipment

Pharmaceutical- and Cosmetic-related Equipment
Mixers; granulators; coating machines; tableting machines; powder packaging machines; agitators; kneading machines; packaging insert folding machines; aerosol can filling machines; diaper/tissue processing machines; poultice coating machines; napkin manufacturing and processing machines; ample/vial/syringe system equipment; PTP system equipment; micro amount powder handling machines; liquid/viscous body handling machines; and other pharmaceutical- and cosmetic-related machines.

Group6 : Inspecting and Testing Equipment

Inspecting and Testing Equipment
Pin hole inspecting equipment; X-ray inspecting equipment; metal detectors; foreign substance detectors; print inspecting equipment; weight sorting equipment; color sorting equipment; shape sorting/inspecting equipment; and other inspecting/testing equipment.

Group7 : Various Processing/Packaging-related Equipment

Various Processing/Packaging-related Equipment
Printers; arranging machines; automatic feeders; feeders; buffer equipment; bag feeders; packaging insert folding machines; adhesive applicators; barcode readers; container washers; static elimination equipment; and hot melt applicators.

Group8 : Components

Pneumatic/hydraulic equipment; industrial knives; screws; handles; tools; heaters; gears; chains; torque limiters; intermittent equipment; reducers; motors; bearings; inverters; air shafts; edge controllers; switches; sensors; temperature controllers; disconnection alarms; timers; programmable controllers; and touch panels.

Group9 : Packaging Robots

Packaging Robots
Multi-joint robots; parallel-link type robots; packaging robot line systems; and robot palletizers.

Group10 : Logistic Equipment and Services

Logistic Equipment and Services
Palletizers; depalletizers; carts; conveyors; sorting systems; pallets; information devices; barcode/2D code generators/readers; other logistic equipment, services, and software.

Group11 : Environment Preservation Equipment and Services

Environment Preservation Equipment and Services
Air compressors; grinders; recycling systems; and other environmental equipment and services.

Group12 : Plant Engineering Systems

Plant Engineering Systems
Packaging plant systems; plant construction/control systems; clean rooms; HACCP-compliant systems; GMP-compliant systems; information control systems; and other engineering systems.

Group13 : Organizational PR

Organizational PR
Public relations for relevant organizations and prefectural governments.

Group14 : Press and Information Media

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Rules and Regulations for Participation in the Exhibition

1) Basic booth unit
  1. For each basic booth unit, back and side walls (system panels) and a booth number plate are installed by the host. For block booths or some types of double booths, however, only side walls and a booth number plate are installed.
  2. All decoration work other than the above should be done by exhibitors at their own expense.
  3. The walls of booth units are 2.7 m in height. The height limit for interior decorations is 4.5 m regardless of the booth position and type. However, they must be 1 m away from aisles and neighboring booths. Interior decoration plan drawings must be submitted in advance to the event executive office and be approved by the host and local fire department.
2) Electricity
  1. Basic power supply.
    For demonstration of exhibits and for illumination inside booths, up to 1.5 kW per booth (50 Hz, total for 100 V and 200 V) will be provided at the host’s expense.
  2. Electrical wiring.
    Wiring for the basic power supply to each booth and the installation of switches will be executed by the host. However, secondary electrical work other than the above must be executed by exhibitors at their own expense.
  3. Electrical wiring for extra power supplies.
    If exhibitors need power exceeding the basic power supply, they must pay for the wiring beyond that for the basic power supply: 8,000 yen (excl. tax) for the first 1 kW; then, 4,000 yen (excl. tax) per 500 W.
  4. Billing for electricity.
    According to the number of kW and load applied for by exhibitors, the power charge per additional kW is calculated with the following formula.
    60 yen per kW × 8 hours × 5 days = 2,400 yen (excl. tax)
    Power will be supplied to booths for the five days between October 12 (Mon.) and 16 (Fri.).
3) Carry-in and -out of exhibits
  1. The carry-in period is two days from October 10 (Sat.) to 11 (Sun.), 2015. Exhibits cannot be brought in by vehicles or loading equipment on Monday, October 12, the day before the opening.
  2. The carry-out period is from 18:00, October 16 (Fri.) to 12:00, October 17 (Sat.), 2015.
  3. Please be advised that, inside the venue, the use of loading equipment for carry-in and -out (e.g., cranes, forklifts) other than those specified by the host is not allowed.
4) Opening and working hours
The opening and working hours at the venue are from 9:00 to 18:00 throughout the preparation and exhibition periods. The removal period is from 18:00, October 16 (Fri.) to 12:00, October 17 (Sat.).
5) Demonstration, food tasting, product introduction, etc.
  1. Exhibitors are allowed to demonstrate their products inside their own booths. In such cases, however, appropriate measures must be taken for the safety of visitors.
  2. Exhibitors must apply to the local health center in advance if they intend to provide food (bread, Japanese sweets, sushi, etc.) produced for the demonstration of their products. The actual application will be made via the host as a collective submission.
  3. Exhibitors are not allowed to demonstrate their products, distribute brochures, or invite visitors inside or outside of the venue except within the confines of their booths.
6) Use of microphones and speakers
When using microphones and speakers for the demonstration of products, exhibitors must comply with the specified conditions so that they do not interfere with the business negotiations of other exhibitors. For details on the conditions, refer to the Exhibitor's Handbook/Application Form Booklet, which will be issued around May 2015.
7) Prohibition of smoking
Under the Fire Prevention Ordinance of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, smoking is prohibited inside the venue throughout the preparation, exhibition, and removal periods except where Tokyo Big Sight allows it.
8) Protection of intellectual property rights
Contracted exhibitors must comply with the laws and regulations for protection of intellectual property rights (e.g. patent rights, trademark rights).
9) Designation of the bonded exhibit hall
For foreign products (products that have not undergone import procedures), we are going to obtain approval for a bonded exhibit hall from Tokyo Customs.
10) Change of the opening hours and shortening of the exhibition period because of natural disasters, terrorist attacks, etc.
The host may change the opening hours and/or shorten the exhibition period because of a natural disaster, terrorist attack, etc.
If it becomes impossible to hold the exhibition for such unavoidable reasons, the host can cancel all accepted applications.
In such cases, the host will refund payments received according to its predetermined standard, which excludes necessary expenses already incurred for the exhibition.
Exhibitors can make no demur against this policy for any reason and it is deemed that they agree with it.
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Booth types

The following three types of booths are available

Please be advised that we may have to change the number of booth units and/or the booth type you applied for in order to accommodate all participants.

Single booth3m deep (precisely 2.97m)

Number of booth units Depth (m) × Width (m)
1 9 2.97 × 2.97
2 18 2.97 × 5.94
3 27 2.97 × 8.91
4 36 2.97 × 11.88
5 45 2.97 × 14.85
6 54 2.97 × 17.82
7 63 2.97 × 20.79
8 72 2.97 × 23.76
9 81 2.97 × 26.73
10 90 2.97 × 29.70

Double booth6m deep (precisely 5.94m)

Number of booth units Depth (m) × Width (m)
4 36 5.94 × 5.94
6 54 5.94 × 8.91
8 72 5.94 × 11.88
10 90 5.94 × 14.85
12 108 5.94 × 17.82
14 126 5.94 × 20.79
16 144 5.94 × 23.76
18 162 5.94 × 26.73
20 180 5.94 × 29.70

Block boothAny depth and width specified by the exhibitor

Number of booth units Depth (m) × Width (m)
12 108 8.91 × 11.88
16 144 11.88 × 11.88
20 180 11.88 × 14.85
21 189 8.91 × 20.79
24 216 11.88 × 17.82
30 270 10.28 × 25.74
40 360 13.71 × 25.74
50 450 17.14 × 25.74
60 540 20.56 × 25.74
70 630 23.99 × 25.74
  1. Basic booth units are composed of system panels. System panels are made of white PVC with aluminum poles and beams.
  2. Booth units are 2,970mm wide and 2,970mm deep measured between the center lines of the panels.
  3. No nails, screws, adhesive, or wallpaper can be used directly on the system panels, aluminum poles and beams.
Package decoration plan

Information about the standard booth

By combining several items, you can easily decorate your booth as you desire at a reasonable cost.

For details, please refer to the website for this event available from June 2015 (tentative).

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Application for participation in the exhibition

1) Application

1. Application deadline

Applications will be accepted up to December 31, 2014 (Wed.). Please be advised, however, that the application acceptance period will end when all available booths are booked.

Even after the deadline, applications may be accepted if there are still booths available. Please contact the Executive Office.
2. Application method
  1. Before applying, read and understand the outline of this event and the participation guidelines described in this brochure (pages 11 to 14). Then, complete the application form and send it to the Executive Office.
  2. Send in an application deposit of 50,000 yen per booth (excluding tax) no later than December 31, 2014 (Wed.).
  3. The application is complete when 1 and 2 have been confirmed by the Executive Office.

If the total application deposit is paid no later than December 31, 2014 (Wed.), the participation fee (excluding the application deposit already paid) will be discounted by 5% when it is billed (scheduled for May 2015). This discount offers you great savings as shown below, so we highly recommend that you take advantage of it.

Examples of discounts for participation fees
When you apply for 5 booths 12,500 yen off
When you apply for 10 booths 25,000 yen off
When you apply for 20 booths 50,000 yen off
When you apply for 30 booths 75,000 yen off
When you apply for 40 booths 100,000 yen off
3. Participation fee

The participation fee per booth (2.97 m × 2.97 m = 8.82 m2) is as follows.
Participants will be billed for the participation fee plus tax minus the application deposit already paid (scheduled for May 2015).

Participation fee (excluding tax) 340,000 yen

The consumption tax will be increased from 8% to 10% in the month this event is held (October 2015).
The participation fee will be billed (scheduled for May 2015) at a consumption tax rate of 10%. We ask for your understanding on this.
If the tax is not increased but remains at 8% in October 2015, the difference will be refunded no later than January 28, 2016 (Fri.).

4. Exhibitor's name to be included in documents
The exhibitor's name that is used in the list of exhibitors, brochures, official catalogs, invitation tickets, etc., will be the same as the company name entered in the application form for this event.

2) Withdrawal of application

1. Please be advised that, in principle, once applications are made they cannot be withdrawn.
2. To withdraw your application, you will be required to pay a withdrawal fee as shown below:

From the date of contract to March 31, 2015 (Tue.) 100% of the total application deposit
From April 1, 2015 (Wed.) to May 31, 2015 (Sun.) 50% of the total participation fee
From June 1, 2015 (Mon.) 100% of the total participation fee

3. Once an application is withdrawn, the right to use the booth(s) applied for will be invalidated and resold to other applicants.

3) Prohibition of subletting booths or reselling the right to use them to third parties

  • Applicants are not allowed to sublet the whole or part of their booths or resell the right to use them to third parties.
  • If an applicant sublets the whole or part of its booths or resells the right to use them to third parties, the application will be annulled by the host.
    In such a case, the applicant is required to pay the withdrawal fee as stated in 2-2).

4) Remittance of the participation fee

Send payment to one of the following accounts.
The remittance charge shall be paid by the exhibitors.

The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd. Yaesudori Branch
Ordinary deposit account No. 0237385 SWIFT Code: BOTKJPJT
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation Nihonbashi-higashi Branch
Ordinary deposit account No. 7735171 SWIFT Code: SMBCJPJT
Mizuho Bank Ltd. Kabutocho Branch
Ordinary deposit account No. 2199507 SWIFT Code: MHBKJPJT

Account holder name (for the three banks):
Japan Packaging Machinery Manufacturers Association

If you have any inquiries about JAPAN PACK 2015,
please contact the Executive Office by any of the following means:

JAPAN PACK 2015 Executive Office
c/o Japan Packaging Machinery Manufacturers Association
2-5-6 Shinkawa, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0033, Japan

Phone: +81-3-6222-2275 Fax: +81-3-6222-2280

Contact personnel: Abe, Ojimi

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