Japan International Packaging Machinery Show 2015

Find the fun in the packaging world. 2015.10/13 (TUE)〜2015.10/16 (FRI)

JAPAN PACK 2015 has been completed, and we would like to express our gratitude
for the many people who visited the show.

The next JAPAN PACK is scheduled to be held in October 2017

Number of visitors to JAPAN PACK 2015


Total number of visitors: 119,317(including 1,740 visitors from overseas)

  • Tuesday, October 13 : 20,385(including 769 visitors from overseas)
  • Wednesday, October 14 : 28,570(including 446 visitors from overseas)
  • Thursday, October 15 : 35,177(including 346 visitors from overseas)
  • Friday, October 16 : 35,185(including 179 visitors from overseas)

Easy-to-understand zoning

Simple, orderly layout for visitors to search for something new in the growing packaging market

The packaging market still has many unfulfilled needs and so is expected to grow further.
The vast exhibition hall will be arranged so that needs can easily encounter proposals in the hall.

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  • zone_tip02
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  • zone_tip05

Please visit JAPAN PACK,Asia's largest exhibition focusing on machinery.

Lecture Meeting Commemorating the 30th Anniversary
Special lecturers will be invited from overseas organizations in the packaging industry to introduce initiatives in each country.

Date: Oct. 13 (Tue.)14:00 – 17:30

”Apollon”,1F, Hilton Tokyo Odaiba 1‐9‐1 Daiba,
Minato‐ku, Tokyo 135‐8625, Japan

seminar_photo_william Economic and technology trends affecting the packaging and processing industries.

Mr. William L. Crist
Chairman, The Association for Packaging and Processing Technologies(PMMI)

seminar_photo_cavanna TCO as a driver of innovation and decision making support for our customer.

Mr. Riccardo Cavanna
Vice Director, Italian Packaging Machinery Manufacturers Association (UCIMA)

Seminarand Event Form
International Reception
The JAPAN PACK Executive Committee will host the International Reception in the VIP Lounge. Overseas visitors as well as exhibitors are cordially invited to attend the event to confabulate each other on various topics of mutual interest over a buffet lunch.

Date: Oct. 14 (Wed.)11:45 – 13:15

Venue: VIP Lounge, East Hall 1

VIP Lounge
The VIP Lounge located in East Hall 1 is available to overseas visitors to use as a space for business meetings, office work or resting. Guests are welcome to use the internet and enjoy soft drinks free of charge.

Date: Oct.13 (Tue.)‐Oct.16 (Fri.)10:00‐17:00

Venue: Entrance, East Hall 1

New Pharmaceuticals / Cosmetics Zone
A new zone will be set up especially for pharmaceuticals and cosmetics to cross boundaries between industries and expand the event's function as a comprehensive business show related to the manufacturing process.

Date: Oct.13 (Tue.)‐Oct.16 (Fri.)10:00‐17:00

Venue: Entrance, East Hall 1

Where proposals and needs meet Asia's greatest opportunity for business matching!

About 120,000 visitors expected

The 30th JAPAN PACK will be held this year, and we are putting more effort into public relations than ever with the aim of attracting 120,000 people from all over the world.

JAPAN PACK is held on weekdays, so many business people can visit. Last year, about 100,000 people visited the exhibition.
For this the 30th JAPAN PACK, we are spreading the news of the exhibition to the world and expect about 120,000 visitors, the largest number in the history of JAPAN PACK.

Types of visitors

JAPAN PACK is visited by people from various industries related to packaging, including the food industry, the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry, the chemical industry, the packaging material industry, the printing industry, and the processing industry.

Breakdown of visitors by industry

  • Private individuals 4.25%
  • Steel, automotive, and electrical industries 1.10%
  • Textile, general merchandise, and stationary industries 1.25%
  • Public offices, organizations, schools, and others 1.10%

Almost all visitors are satisfied

The questionnaire survey for JAPAN PACK 2013 shows that about 90% of visitors to JAPAN PACK 2013 rated it as
"As good as expected" or "Better than expected."

Almost all visitors answered "yes" to a question on whether or not the exhibition met their expectations and satisfied them.
For JAPAN PACK 2015, we will offer richer contents to meet your expectations.

Satisfaction with exhibitors and their products

JAPAN PACK 2013 official website traffic

Traffic to our official website exceeds over 300,000 people!

Our website was accessed over 250,000 times in the month JAPAN PACK 2013 was held.

JAPAN PACK has been held 29 times and its importance is increasing over time.
The increasing traffic to our website, where detailed information is announced, clearly shows a high level of attention to our exhibition.

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