Japan International Packaging Machinery Show 2017

Invitation to participate in JAPAN PACK 2017

Inquiries by phone


Visitors from a wide range of areas related to packaging

JAPAN PACK is visited by people from various industries related to packaging, including the food industry, the pharmaceutical, chemical and cosmetic industry, the packaging material industry, the printing industry, and the processing industry.

Over 80% received orders or inquiries,
others exchanged info or agreed on partnership

During the event, 88% of exhibitors reported having business meetings with visitors, while 76% said they had meetings with other exhibitors, which was a major increase from JAPAN PACK 2013. The total of exhibitors who received orders or inquiries from visitors was more than 80%, while about 20% said they exchanged information or agreed to technological cooperation.

Received orders

Received inquiries


Increased traffic to official website

With more media exposure,more people are visiting the website

Exposure through print and other media has grown with each event, leading to increased traffic to the official website. As a result of strong PR efforts especially during the month of October 2015 when the exhibition was held, traffic rose to 125% compared to the same month of the previous year, resulting in an increased number of visitors to the exhibition.

JAPAN PACK 2017 Promotion Video

A comprehensive exhibition covering a wide variety of industries and a valuable opportunity to discover unexplored markets and new customers

A venue with six categories to realize effective business matching

With Packaging Machinery at the core, categories include Food Processing Machinery, Components, Packaging Materials, Robots / Logistics Equipment / Software, and Pharmaceuticals and Cosmetics, which was added in 2015. The six categories are connected organically to provide effective business matching opportunities.

A wide variety of platforms to introduce your products and opportunities for exchange to promote new connections and business growth

In addition to your booth, there are various opportunities to attract the attention of visitors, such as presentation seminars by exhibitors and an awards ceremony to honor superior products.
You will also have the chance to hold exchanges with other exhibitors and deepen your knowledge about the industry.


Sow new seeds for business in exchanges with exhibitors from around the world

Find opportunities to meet people from around the country, Asia and other regions in the world at the JAPAN PACK opening reception and international reception.

Exhibitor Presentation Seminars

Introduce new products and technologies to visitors and the world

You can present new products and technologies not only at the booths but also at this seminar. At the last event, 14 companies made presentations in front of a large audience.


Honoring the exhibitors’ technological research and achievements

Innovativeness and originality will be judged to present awards to excellent products. Exhibitors can promote awarded products and technologies to visitors during the event.

Special Lecture Meetings

Lectures by top executives and prominent figures attract visitors

Top executives of user industries and eminent people are invited. It is a popular program that attracts visitors and is an opportunity to learn about user trends.

Expertise Seminar

Learn the latest trends and gain special knowledge at seminars

Industry specialists from various manufacturers are invited to give seminars. The pharmaceutical and cosmetics seminar is popular among visitors and exhibitors.

Packaging Consultation Counter

Advice by experts can guide visitors to your company’s booth

Packaging professionals respond to issues and questions visitors have and introduce exhibitors that meet their needs, promoting business matching.

Overseas Supprting Associations