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Privacy Policy

1.Collection of Information
The collection of personal information and purpose of use (including changes of purpose) shall be clearly stated.
Only personal information relevant to the purpose will be collected, keeping it to a minimum.
2.Use of Information
Personal information shall only be used for research and study, human resource development, and exhibition purposes according to the bylaws of the Japan Packaging Machinery Manufacturers Association.
3.Disclosure of Information
Excluding information with consent to be provided and information required to be disclosed by law, personal information collected shall not be disclosed to third parties.
Also, any requests regarding the disclosure, correction, or erasure of personal information provided shall be given prompt attention.
4.Information Management
Appropriate measures shall be taken to keep personal information accurate.
All necessary precautions will be taken – including administrative and physical measures – to safeguard your personal information against loss or disclosure.
A personal information data administrator shall be placed at the Japan Packaging Machinery Manufacturers Association, and the executive director shall also work towards ensuring the appropriate management of information.
The executive and employees of the Japan Packaging Machinery Manufacturers Association shall not use personal information for illegal purposes such as disclosing personal data acquired from work related duties.
Inquiries about Personal Information Protection
Operations Dept., Japan Packaging Machinery Manufacturers Association
Packaging Machinery Building 2-5-6 Shinkawa, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0033
TEL: 03-6222-2277
FAX: 03-6222-2280